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Therapeutic Lake Cruises Loading Protocols & Procedures

Before Boarding the Cruise:
  • Book your cruise with Fran Fisher at 778-478-7478 or email [email protected]
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your trip for loading
  • Sailing times (1 hour trip) 10:00 and 1200 noon
  • Bring blankets, warm clothing (including hats), and snacks if preferred

Boarding the Cruise:
  • The Captain is in charge at all times (no alcohol)
  • The captain will meet you at the gate with lifejackets
  • Leave a passenger list at front desk (small building at Shelter Bay Office)
  • Each resident must have a lifejacket on at the gate
  • Load residents 1 at a time for safety-all remaining residents must stay on shore
  • Call your Captain if weather conditions are not good. 
  • (Scotty 250-826-4532)     (Harold 7782153935)     (Phil 250 575 0632)
  • Minimum 2 staff on boat, 5-8 passengers = 10 max for the captain =11
  • 1 manual wheelchair maximum - counts for 2 people
  • Ramp must be used for wheelchairs onto boat

  • Pontoon boat is located at Shelter Bay/Dockside on Westside (Campbell Road exit off bridge)